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The game Artist will work closely with the Art Leads and will have an important role in demonstrating and maintaining the visual and technical aspects of next gen game assets from initial stage to completion of the texture ready in-game model.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Artistic demonstration and proficiency in modeling and texturing high quality in-game characters.
  • A keen understanding and appreciation of structure and construction/silhouette in respect of modelling
  • Ability to work within a team, multi-task, and deliver quality work in an efficient manner

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Skills and Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of professional experience in working on next-gen games for the console
  • An in-depth and impressive art portfolio showcasing 3D character art
  • Candidate must have strong knowledge of Modeling and Texturing to create assets with quality of AAA titles
  • Good understanding of Max (or Maya) for modeling and Photoshop for texturing
  • Good in creating High poly and low poly in-game modeling
  • Good in hard surface and organic modeling.
  • Sculpting abilities in creating surface details
  • Knowledge of deformable topology and how it extends to the animation pipeline.
  • A detail obsessed eye for creating and manipulating texture maps for shader passes - diffuse, normal, spec, weathering etc. and excellent understanding of the value of maximizing UV space.
  • A traditional art background in life drawing is a plus
  • Knowledge of generating normal maps from high-poly models
  • Solid understanding of experience in preparing and optimizing art for game
  • Excellent artistic skills with the ability to create 3D game art from detailed concept art, or photo references / materials
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